Claims & Payments

Company Claims Number Online Claim Reporting Billing Telephone Payment Wesbite
Adirondack 1.877.248.0555 Adirondack Online Claims 877.248.0555 Adirondack Online Payment
AIG Premier Client Solutions 1.888.760.9195 AIG Online Claim 888.978.5371 AIG Premier Client Solutions Online Payment
Allstate 800.255.7828 Allstate Online Claim 800.901.1732 Allstate Online Payment
American Collectors 888.203.0035 American Collectors Online Claim 877.684.5192 American Collectors Online Payment
American Integrity 866.277.9871 American Integrity Online Claim 866.968.8390 American Integrity Online Payment
American Strategic Insurance 1.866.274.5677 ASI Online Claims 866.274.8765 ASI Online Payment
American Modern 1.800.375.2075 AMIG Claims 800.543.2644 AMIG Online Payment
Aon Edge Private Flood Insurance 844.640.2522 Aon Edge Private Flood Insurance Online Claim 888.281.0684 Aon Edge Private Flood Insurance Online Payment
Arbella Insurance 1.800.272.3552 Arbella Insurance Online Claims 800.272.3552 Arbella Online Payment
Assurant 1.888.260.7736 Assurant Online Claims 888.260.7736 Assurant Online Payment
Bristol West 888.888.0080 Bristol West Online Claim 888.888.0080 Bristol West Online Payment
CHUBB 1.800.252.4670 CHUBB Online Claims 800.682.4822 CHUBB Online Payment
Citizens Property Insurance 866.411.2742 Citizens Property Insurance Online Claim 866.411.2742 Citizens Property Insurance Online Payment
CT Fair Plan 860-528-9546 CT Fair Plan Online Claims CT Fair Plan Online Payment
Farmers 800.854.6011 Farmers Online Claim 800.854.6011 Farmers Online Payment
Foremost 1.800.527.3907 Foremost Online Claims 800.532.4221 Foremost Online Payment
Hagerty Insurance 1.877.922.9701 Hagerty Online Claims 888.220.9565 Hagerty Online Payment
Harleysville 800.338.8301 Harleysville Online Claims 800.892.8877 Harleysville Online Payment
Heritage Insurance 855.415.7120 Heritage Insurance Online Claim 855.620.9978 Heritage Insurance Online Payment
Homeowners Choice 866.324.3138 Homeowners Choice Online Claim 888.210.5235 Homeowners Choice Online Payment
Kemper 1.888.252.2799 Kemper Online Claims 866.860.9348 Kemper Online Payment
Kingstone Insurance Company 855.394.0704 Kingstone Online Claim 800.364.7045 Kingstone Online Payment
Lexington Insurance 1-800-931-9546 Lexington Online Claims 877.873.9972
Mapfre 1.877.224.5677 Mapfre Online Claims 800.222.2114 Mapfre Online Payment
Mass Property Insurance 800.851.8978 MPIUA Online Claims 877.221.1782 MPIUA Online Payment
MetLife 800.854.6011 MetLife Online Claims 800.854.6011 MetLife Online Payment
National Flood Insurance Program 877.336.2627 National Flood Online Claim 866.603.1191 National Flood Online Payment
National General 800.468.3466 National General Online Claims 888.293.5108 National General Online Payment
Nationwide 1.800.421.3535 Nationwide Online Claims 866.665.4992 Nationwide Online Payment
Nationwide Private Client 855-473-6410 Nationwide Private Client Online Claims 855-473-6410 Nationwide Private Client Online Payment
NCIP - Natural Catastrophe Insurance Program 801.316.4228 NCIP Online Claim 866-603-1191 NCIP Online Payment
Neptune Flood 727.202.4815 Neptune Flood Online Claim 727.202.4815 Neptune Flood Online Payment
Narragansett Bay 800.343.3375 Narragansett Bay Online Claim 800.343.3375 Narragansett Bay Online Payment
NLC 1.877.383.1742 NLC Online Claims 800.962.0800 NLC Online Payment
Orchid 866.370.6505 Orchid Online Claim 866.370.6505 ext 986 Orchid Online Payment
Plymouth Rock 1.844.346.1225 Plymouth Rock Online Claims CT: 866.591.5545 Plymouth Rock Online Payment
Progressive 1.800.776.4737 Progressive Online Claims 800.758.0942 Progressive Online Payment
Proper Insurance 888.631.6680 Proper Insurance Online Claim 866.603.1191 Proper Insurance Online Payment
Providence Mutual 1.877.763.1800 Providence Mutual Online Claims 877.763.1800 Providence Mutual Online Payment
PURE 1.888.813.7873 PURE Online Claims 888.813.7873 PURE Online Payment
Quincy Mutual Group 1.800.490.0047 Quincy Mutual Online Claims 866.361.2795 Quincy Mutual Online Payment
Safeco Insurance 877.685.7312 Safeco Online Claim 800.332.3226 Safeco Online Payment
Stillwater Insurance Group 1.800.220.1351 Stillwater Online Claims 800.220.1351 Stillwater Online Payment
Swyfft 877.799.3389 Swyfft Online Claim 855.479.9338 Swyfft Online Payment
The Andover Companies 1.800.225.0770 The Andover Co. Online Claims 800.225.0770 The Andover Co Online Payment
The Hartford 1.800.243-5860 The Hartford Online Claims 800.624.5578 (Home)
877.896.9320 (Auto)
The Hartford Online Payment
Travelers 1.800.252.4633 Travelers Online Claims Travelers Online Payment
TypTap 844.289-7968 TypTap Online Claim 844.289.7968 TypTap Online Payment
Universal Property & Casualty Insurance Company 800.470.0599 Universal Online Claim 800.425.9113 Universal Online Payment
UPC Insurance 1.888.256.3378 UPC Online Claims 866-515-4428 UPC Online Payment
Vault 844.388.5677 Vault Online Claim 844.368.2858 Vault Online Payment
Velocity 1.844.878.2567 Velocity Online Claims 844-878-7529 Velocity Online Payment